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Teacher Training

for You or to support Your clients


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LONDON 18th & 19th November 2017

We train healthcare and other professionals, passionate about supporting their clients where stress or anxiety may be significantly impacting their client's lives. Alternatively you may want to enhance your own skills, or perhaps be feeling stressed or overloaded yourself.

Our Teacher Training helps you to feel relaxed, confident and in control. Feel revitalised and enjoy life more with those you love. Support your clients using what you have learnt, or using our specially developed client courses.

Train with Relaxation for Living & More Ltd to:

1) Enhance your own skills :

Develop greater understanding of relaxation and stress management. Learn practical and effective techniques to help with relaxation, stress and anxiety. Feel able to really relax. Enjoy a better work / life balance, with more time for yourself and those you love. Improve your ability to manage stress and challenges in life.

 2) Support your clients :

 If you want to go on from the training to support your own clients you can do so by:

  1. Either using elements of the training to support your clients directly.
  2. Or using our specially developed client courses and materials, together with teaching support (under licence from Relaxation for Living & More Ltd). The courses are simple, practical and effective. Clients quickly see the benefits, even before they finish the course.
    Areas the course can contribute to managing include:

 Energy                                          Confidence

 Feeling in control                          Work / Life balance

 Relaxation                                     Health conditions affected by stress

 Headaches                                    Muscle pain

 Tension                                          Blood presure

 Stress                                            Worrying

 Anxiety                                           Panic attacks

The RFL client courses work well with small groups, 1 to 1, or as workshops for organisations.

Those who go on to help clients and others using the RFL client courses come from all sorts of backgrounds. Different expertise from medical knowledge to personal experience, or an ability to relate to people and their problems are all equally as valuable.

Our training is usually in London. Additional dates and locations will be added subject to demand. Midlands training is usually held in Birmingham or Nottingham.

Our RFL Teacher Training is currently undergoing CPD accreditation.


The teacher training cost in 2017 is £985.
It includes the advance learning process and the training weekend.

An annual licence fee covers ongoing supervision and support, access to and use of client course materials, marketing and promotional materials and refresher training to maintain skills and professional development.


RFL Teacher Training involves advance distance learning and a 2 day intensive training weekend which includes:

  • Developing understanding of relaxation, stress and stress management
  • Learning practical and effective techniques to help with relaxation, stress and anxiety.
  • Practising teaching skills to teach the RFL method of Relaxation and Stress Management to your own clients (Subject to being licensed by Relaxation for Living & More Ltd).


We know how valuable our training is but it is always great to hear that endorsed from previous Teacher training feedback:

  • "It was one of the most useful trainings I have undertaken. I am sure I will benefit both personally and professionally.
  • Lovely supportive group and trainer.
  • The practical workshops were invaluable.
  • We appreciated the personalisation to our needs.
  •  Superb course, motivating, exciting, informative and fun.
  • It was brilliant and extremely helpful. I really enjoyed it."       


*** Book now for our next training date ***

LONDON 18th & 19th November 2017