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Stress has a HUGE impact on our HEALTH, our WORK and our ENJOYMENT of life.

A lot of people think they have to make mega changes to manage stress. But they don’t! 
It’s really simple things in your everyday life that can make a big difference.

Do you want to feel revitalised, confident, back to the top of your game and ENJOY life more?

Then join us for a one day fun workshop:

Manage Stress Naturally! - Client event

DATE:             Saturday 16th June, 10am to 4pm 

LOCATION:    London Waterloo

        COST: £195. Discounted to £150 for payment by 31st May

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At our fun workshop learn simple, easy to use skills to:

  • Feel relaxed, confident and in control
  • Improve your ability to manage stress and challenges in life
  • Be revitalised and ENJOY life more with those you love

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Our Relaxation for Living & More courses help with:

                       Energy                           Confidence

                       Feeling in control           Work / Life balance

                      Relaxation                      Health affected by stress

                      Headaches                     Muscle aches

                     Tension                           Sleep

                     Stress                             Worrying

                     Anxiety                           Panic attacks

The workshop includes:

  • Becoming aware of and easing tension
  • Understanding how your body works and responding more efficiently
  • Helping you to totally relax
  • Dealing with worries or anxieties
  • Practical approaches to managing life challenges and to balance your life

For more information about our courses contact us via our CONTACTS page.